First days with WordPress


I’ve been hosting my web sites at Dreamhost for years. They aren’t the cheapest guys around but they run a good, reliable service and for modest hobby sites like mine, they work great. They have a one click install of WordPress that I used to get up and running fast, and I took that short cut back in June 2016 but then didn’t really do much with the site because I wasn’t clear on where to start — and perhaps wasn’t sufficiently motivated to learn at that time.


To learn how to use WordPress, I have been working through the course “WordPress Essential Training” featuring mor10 and it is delightful and moves briskly yet has given me enough foundational knowledge to start building. Disclosure: was acquired by LinkedIn years ago, then Microsoft bought LinkedIn a few years later. I work for Microsoft, so technically speaking I am recommending a service from my employer.  


Years ago, as in back in the 2002-2004 time frame, I did some work with guys building an early site builder tool (I think it was Westside?) which used some of the same concepts as WordPress. That experience kinda helped me get my head around WordPress quickly.

We built a BB court in our back yard

SportCourt in backyard

About a dozen years ago, we built a full court basketball court in our back yard. It is 84 feet long and 48 feet wide (just a bit less than regulation high school size) with top quality baskets and lights for night play. The court is also lined for short court tennis although we rarely play that.

The court is surrounded by a ten foot high chain link fence to catch stray balls. On one side of the court, we will have a tennis wall against which we can smack balls. We also have a 10′ high pitch back against which we’ll hurl lacrosse balls, soccer balls and periodically small children.

It took about four months from start to finish (not counting planning, getting permits, etc.). We had a lot of rain that summer and that slowed us down, but probably only by a few weeks. Obviously it transformed our backyard and while the kids often say they’d have preferred a pool, we’ve gotten good use out of this court — and my now flatter back yard — over the years.

Here’s a pictorial history.

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